Benefits of listing with Greg

If you are considering selling your home in the Tri-Cities or North Vancouver then before you do anything else, you need to talk to the big man himself, Greg Curtiss.

You’re probably wondering why everyone’s talking about Greg when there are thousands of real estate agents to choose from who can sell your house for you.

What difference does it really make? Real estate agents all seem to be cut from the same cloth and offer the same sales and marketing tools. Most will offer you a selection of cookie-cutter home marketing packages with à la carte pricing for extras items but, overall, deliver the same level of average service. Why Get Greg?

The reason you want to Get Greg, and why he’s so highly sought after, is that he prioritizes your outcomes over his own.Greg recognized early that working for your best interests means getting you the best deal.

With a deal ready to sign, why risk waiting?

20 years of experience has taught Greg that patience pays off. Knowing how to read the market and develop a custom strategy that best positions your home allows Greg to find the right agents, with the right customers who are ready, willing and qualified to buy.

That’s why you’ve gotta get Greg; Greg Gets it, and he gets it for you.