Who is Greg and why is he so popular?

For a regular kind of guy, Greg's reputation for 'GETTING IT' is unbelievable. People are talking about Greg and his ability to satisfy all the way from North Vancouver, thru Coquitlam, and into Maple Ridge. He's kind of a living legend.

Women are left speechless with what Greg has done for them, while many men wish they had half the talent of Greg to get such impressive results; occasionally faster than expected, but always delivered with a smile.

If you're thinking about buying or selling your home, condo or townhouse, then Get Greg. He gets it, and he'll get it for you, too!

Call Greg at (778) 834-3325, or fill in this form so Greg can get back to you ASAP.

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Market Update!

North Vancouver


Get Greg and you'll get...

The best realtor in the World

as authenticated by Greg's Mom.

The best service, without excuses

pinky swear and cross his heart.

The best deal when buying

Monty Hall would be envious.

The best price possible if selling

don't play Monopoly with this guy.

20+ years of experience

but refuses to grow old and jaded.

Local knowledge and focus

like a backwoods fishing guide for real estate

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